Botikarium. Identity & Web Design

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Client: Botikarium
Services: Visual Identity, Print Design, Web Design, Art Direction
Year: 2019

Botikarium takes shape with a collection of sustainable and ethical glass bottles. The aim of the brand is not only to create a functional and quality product in order to reduce plastic consumption but also to beautifully design it to tidy and unify the interior design of each space.

The naming, Botikarium (from Boticario in Spanish –Apothecary–) took the creative concept from its origins. The visual identity I worked on is a contemporary interpretation of the products of the apothecaries of that time, with a minimalist design that suits a variety of different spaces and interiors. To embody this approach, the brand imagery is based on the main elements found on our planet –such as water, soil, and nature–, expanded on the soft hues of the color palette and a graphic style in the most delicate manner.​​​​​​​