Color Wheel. Tool

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Personal project,
by Hayk with my help and Jeremias

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Date: 2018

The color wheel is a personal project I worked with Hayk and Jeremias to experiment with generative design techniques.

It came up while we were working at Typeform on the design system. When I was generating the new brand colors, we realized that, as designers, it was difficult to generate a color palette to play and experiment in a product design perspective. Having consistency in the colors, regarding the same saturation and lightness, was quite time-consuming, especially in a work environment where we had to test a lot until delivering the final design.

This is was the first approach of the generative tool Hayk designed and developed in order to make this process more efficient and fun. The tool helped us to come up with the new Typeform’s product colors in a much easier, faster, and creative way.