Cómocomo – The Gastronomic Experience

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For this project we were asked to make an approach of a gastronomical concept and formalize it in an interior public existing space, assigned by the university. The objective of this project was to create a culinary space that integrated to perfection its graphic identity for a specific user.

The origin of the concept relies on the disintegration of the chain of food with the objective of making public every step to obtain the aliments and their processes. For that we decided to go for the shape of a workshop that communicates this concept with total transparency so it would raise awareness in society. The proposal offers weekly workshops, with a different subject each time, for example: how do I eat tuna, how do I eat meat or how do I eat a soup of vegetables? The naming was born here: Cómocomo (a game of words in Spanish that means “how do I eat”).

This is the logo we designed for this concept.


University project with Anna Planas & Miriam Rivera.
December 2014