Own Your Interactions

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Project done at: Typeform
In collaboration with: Elizabeth Stokoe
Services: Art Direction, Visual Identity & Concept Development
Date: March 2019

A Typeform collaboration with Professor of Social Interaction Elizabeth Stokoe

At Typeform, we want to help our audience understand the power of interactions. So we teamed up with Professor Elizabeth Stokoe to make a cluster of content around this idea.

We believe that being aware of how you interact with customers will help you get better outcomes. ‘Conversational’ has become the buzzword in tech to describe how you should interact with your customers online. However, being ‘conversational’ is not always the same as being ‘friendly’. So, what does ‘conversational’ really mean?

Like many startups and marketing teams, Typeform has been thinking about this question a lot. That’s why we invited Professor of Social Interaction, Elizabeth Stokoe, to our offices in Barcelona—to learn about how to interact with your audience from an expert.


Liz has been studying the way we talk and interact for over 25 years, and has helped all kinds of organizations to achieve their goals by transforming how they interact with customers. So we spent a few weeks diving deep into a stack of typeforms with her, eventually resurfacing to give us some tips.

In the very beginning, the main goal of this project was just to help existing Typeform users get more meaningful responses and higher completion rates by asking questions in a more scientifically supported way.

However, as well as Liz helped us build a better product, we thought we could also help our audience to understand the power of meaningful interactions with those learnings. So we decided to leverage the fact that Liz was working with us and created all sorts of content to explain how by making simple changes to the way you interact with your audience can make such a big difference.


We sat down with Liz to learn about fake rapport and how to always put your customer’s interests first in conversations. Since conversations would be a recurring theme, we thought it would be a missed opportunity if the format didn’t reflect the subject matter.

So made a podcast about how companies can change the way they interact with their audience to get better results. Less like a straight interview, more like a structured conversation between Liz and Paul, our head of copy.

In addition, we produced two more articles. The first one is a professor’s guide written by Liz, which delves into common interactional problems that businesses face (e.g. How to ask for an email address), highlights frequent mistakes, and gives clear actionable tips. The goal was to create an article that could help anyone addressing their audience online—regardless of whether they’re using Typeform specifically.

The second one is more granular and focused on features that are specific to our product, to let our audience know how to write better typeforms.

We also made some short animated videos for social media—featuring real phone conversations—about three common mistakes people make in conversations: building rapport when customers don’t want to, asking questions you’re not entitled to ask, and failing to tailor audience encounters to individual people.


Take a look at the videos here:
1. Don’t build rapport
2. Check your entitlement
3. When offering to ‘help’ is a bad idea

Design development

At Typeform, we love including illustrations in our communications to enhance feelings and represent things in a more abstract way. For the visual language of this project, we wanted to keep our brand values while exploring a new style to make the campaign more unique.

So we asked Olga Capdevila to illustrate the stories of the different videos with a colorful, human, and imperfect approach. Her style, the animation, and the sound design applied by Aimar Molero, brought life to the final composition and made the result vibrant and full of character.


Creative Director: Alex Antolino
Art Director & Designer: Claudia Aran
Copywriter: Simon Dumont
Illustrator: Olga Capdevila
Producer: Ruben Llorach
Post-production Coordinator: Georgina Mayans
Motion Designer: Adolfo Redaño
Sound Designer: Aimar Molero

All project lives in this landing page, check it out if you’d like!