Set Design for Letter Shoppe

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Dina Rodriguez is a talented hand lettering artist of Portland OR, and founder of LetterShoppe. Dina uses Typeform to promote her online business and get in touch with her clients in a faster and easier way. Our writers team caught wind of her awesomeness and decided to write a innovation article about her, to hopefully inspire other people to do the same. Our goal was to create a beautiful header that reflects what Dina’s art is about and embody her ideas. As most lettering projects start out with a black and white version (pen to paper) we opted for a greyscale palette. We used ‘little people’ all around our letter sculptures to represent the community of people that she entertains, engages and inspires with her work.

Company: Typeform
In collaboration with: Petra Sitaru
Service: Art Direction, Set Design, Photography & Editing

June 2017