The Coffee Journal. The Start Issue

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For the closure of the Off Days of Dalla Corte we launch a new publication on the scene of specialty coffee in Spain. The Coffee Journal is a new magazine born under the impetus of Dalla Corte but opened to coffee’s entire world as a benchmark for everybody. It intends to bring specialty coffee closer to everybody, and mirror a plural scene full of interesting stories.

The first issue was named “Start Issue” because it was about thinks that start. The point is that every issue will have a specific topic, with a unique graphic approach but with a common format and a common will to be entertaining as well as rigorous. I had the great opportunity to collaborate with the editorial design of the magazine during my internship in Slow Artworks. I also draw some of the illustrations that appear inside, as well as the big print of the cover.

Internship: Slow Artworks
 Dalla Corte

October 2016