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Project done at: Typeform
Services: Art Direction & Concept Development
Date: November 2018

Integrate beautiful forms with your favorite apps.

When I was working at Typeform we build ‘Connect’, a place were creators could integrate beautiful web forms with their favorite apps, explore hundreds of integrations, automate their tasks, work in all their favorite tools—and make life easier. The purpose of this project was to communicate to our users the launch of Typeform Connect and I had the chance to work on the art direction and creative concept of this announcement.

Our main objectives were, on one hand, inspire people that use Typeform to get more stuff done by exploring integrations and, on the other hand, inspire developers and partners to create new integrations. Our target audience was typeform creators, developers, and partners. The goal of this project was to create an inspiring campaign that would appeal to all of them.

Typeform’s Connect Platform

We set out to understand why people use integrations. Our customers told us they could only go so far with the data they get in the Typeform platform: “without tracking, Typeform is useless for data-driven marketers”, “we need all the data collected in the form to be sent to HubSpot so we can personalize our content.”

We recognized that all the benefits—saving time, selling more, growing business—came from the ability to leverage data in the best place for our customers. Our concept was simple: do more with your data.

“A pairing of two visuals to create completely new and inspiring meaning around the movement of connect.”

Art Direction Moodboard

We worked on a creative route that would present two situations side-by-side, in which momentum flows from one situation to the other. Together, the two images would transmit a new meaning and create something inspiring, powerful, and successful.

The message had to complement the visuals of the campaign but also touch the value proposition—do more with your data—in a way that would clearly communicate the benefit of the product. We developed the creative concept into a more inspiring and emotive message: get your data moving.


Creative Director: Alex Antolino
Art Director & Designer: Claudia Aran
Copywriter: Steve Howe
Producer: Ruben Llorach
Photographer: Dani Pujalte
Producer manager: Martí Vilamata
Product assistant: Javi Corellano

And a big thanks all typeformers who contributed

Following our brand art direction, we photographed all the different scenarios with the aim of reflecting the eclectic and colorful world we live: human, playful, and imperfect.