UParkinson. The Life of Nature

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Parkinson is one of the most common chronic neurodegenerative diseases eventually leading nowadays. The UParkinson of Barcelona is an organization specialized in this type of disorder, which asked me to work on a poster for its medical consultation.

In early times, mistletoe was considered the symbol that represents the fight against Parkinson disease and it was a powerful protective amulet. It had undeniable healing properties to combat atherosclerosis and hypertension, and it was given the power to protect and heal magically.

I took advantage of these stories to make a series of illustrations about the different stages of mistletoe’s life. The overlapping between the illustrations metaphorically represents the degeneration of patients affected by Parkinson, through the life of nature.
Although it was the mistletoe illustration that was used to image the query, I wanted to experiment with other plants, shapes and fine details in order to achieve different results.


Client: UParkinson
Service: Graphic Design, Print, Illustration.

October 2016